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Besan Ladoo

Food Story          : This is a Maharashtrian,  Indian Sweet dish.  This dish is prepared during Diwali.   The aroma and taste is loved by all.

Ingredients         :

Course grounded gram flour              500 gms.

Pure Ghee                                                  350 gms.

Sugar                                                             350 gms.

Milk                                                               1 cup

Badam,  Pista & Raisins                          50 gms.

Cardamom                                                  5 gms.

Kesar                                                             few strands

Nutmeg                                                       ¼ tsp.

Method      :

  1. You get readymade course grounded gram flour from the market.
  2. Grind the sugar and cardamoms.
  3. Chop Badam and pistas.
  4. Heat the ghee.
  5. Add gram flour to the melted ghee.
  6. Keep stirring the gram flour in the ghee till it changes colour and gives out good aroma.
  7. Add powdered sugar and mix well.
  8. Add the dry fruits, nutmeg, cardamom and kesar.
  9. Keep the mix for some time till it gets a little firm.
  10. Now roll them to round laddoos with your hands.

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