Bomblache Miravni

Food Story : Another Pathare Prabhu dish with few ingredients yet tasty. Ingredients: 1. Bombay ducks         4 2. Garlic                       6 to 8 3. […]

Mawa Modaks

Food Story :  Mawa Modak are available all over India with different flavours and taste.  You get 150 gms. Mawa from 1 litre of milk. […]

Ukadiche Modak

Food Story          : This is Ganapati Bappa’s favourite sweet.  So we all prepare this sweet on Ganesh Chaturdashi.  It is a very healthy sweet […]

Fried Modak

Food Story:  This dish is prepared during Ganesh Chaturthi.  The coating is prepared with wheat flour, hence it is very easy to prepare. (unlike the […]

soft Til Gul Ladoo

Food Story :  These soft Til Ladoos are prepared during Sankrant festival, which falls on January 14.  It is good to eat Til during winters. […]

Leftover Phulkas Ladoo

Food Story          : You will find Indian bread prepared in every Indian household. They are called, chapatti, phulkas, rotis, poli, etc.  They are mostly […]

Besan Ladoo

Food Story          : This is a Maharashtrian,  Indian Sweet dish.  This dish is prepared during Diwali.   The aroma and taste is loved by all. Ingredients         […]

Churma Ladoo

Food Story          : This is a sweet dish.  This dish is prepared on special occasion only.  The ingredients are readily available in our homes. Ingredients         […]

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